British Columbia

Prefacing a spiritual experience that was Shambhala, the mountains of British Columbia opened up with morning mist. This is my first time seeing the Rocky Mountains, heck, any mountain, since I have really only bared witness to the prairies. Perhaps in my early youth I have seen mountains but for the life of me I cannot recall those memories.

I have seen countless images of mountains and I can attest to the fact that they do not do them justice by any means. The grandiose scale cannot simply be explained through the lens of a camera and to that my images also fall victim.

Since this was the tail end of an 18 hour drive, the red hues of sunrise were emerging from the peaks of the mountains, the mist rising with it.

There is nothing quite so inspiring and profound than that of which is a sunrise over the mountains.

I pushed my camera to the extreme during this limited time within the mountain range, most of the images seen below were taking out of a moving car travelling at 100KPH. I am quite pleased with how my Nikon D5300 was able to cope with the extreme and rather unpleasant environment it was placed in. Further cementing my love for my DSLR and promoting my budding love of the Rocky Mountains.