Brady Corps Photography


Right by my work is a naturalized zone. A large man-made lake surrounded by native grasses , plants and species of birds that thrive. The only maintenance it receives is a once a month cutting of the ryegrass surrounding the prairie grasses. Over the course of 2018, I have walked through here dozens of times, the litter blown in from the nearby highway and neighbourhoods builds and wraps around the tall prairie grasses, and floats on the water, bobbing like a buoy, warning us of normalization. The trash, usually consisting of coffee cups, plastic bags and single use plastic items, disturbing the scenery and denaturalizing a naturalized zone.

At the end of fall season, I decided to start a series devoted to include the subject of litter. The idea is to show no matter how beautiful the scene is, we won’t be able to ignore the obvious. The introduction of single use plastics in the 50s and 60s has created a crowded environment. We are used to seeing serenity as golden hues absorb into the earth, it is disturbing to see something that could be better controlled absorb these urban areas.