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Toast and HDRs | The View Finder

Today is my birthday and unfortunately I am sick, and as I look outside the window and see the first snowfall of the winter I can’t help hold a sense of contempt towards my body.

Never-the-less I did not want to waste a day without learning something, so I made some toast and set up my table to take a beginners try at HDR [High Dynamic Range] which was indeed a good learning experience on what looks best in an HDR photo.

I see plenty of HDR photos online and to be honest I am not a fan of the look, at least the overcooked ones. I think when it comes to this particular style, to more subtle an HDR is the better. The benefits of an HDR photo do at times outweigh the cons, because you’re able to capture details from the shadows and highlights that you wouldn’t normally get by just focusing on the metering. Which leads us the the reason why I took a picture of my toast.

Toast has the benefits of having a dark area (the crust), midtones (the toasty part) and highlights (the jam/spread I put on it) so to try and capture a piece of toast in all of its detail is a challenge. I must admit the photo is kinda weird, it is generic, doesn’t fit the style and colour scheme of my photography, the shadows are a bit blue, and the bread got a bit soggy. It did allow me to bring out the tripod, use and gain experience with my polarizing filter and learn a thing or two about a more advanced method of photography. This HDR format is something I will be using the next time I go out and take a nice landscape, especially if there are shadows involved. I have been too conservative in the way I shoot my landscapes and I am yearning to branch out.

So I have set out a new goal; next time I go out on a landscape photography expedition, I will find a captivating composition and use it to create a High Dynamic Range Panorama to apply all of the tools I have learned in the past few weeks.

PS. A polarizing filter is a game changer, I have not been able to take this photo without it as the reflections were off the charts.