A Spiritual Journey | Part 1 | Exploration

This year has been a year of exploration for me. That is to say exploration in both senses of the word; Spiritual and Physical. I have seen Ecologically Rich Provincial Parks, Vast Grasslands, Glacier Carved Foothills and Awe-Inspiring Mountains. These were experiences I thought I could live without or rather would have to continue to go without as I work through my life. I was wrong. To experience nature on this truly groundbreaking level should not be something hidden behind financial limitations.

I have nor am not the most financially gifted; by that I mean I plan my finances rather poorly. I tend to crave into impulse buys that although small, add up to a significant amount of the money I earn to be tossed in the trash. I have come to an understanding with the help of a trip through Western Canada that has shown me that with some careful planning and some money management, I can experience some truly epic scenery.

It comes to no surprise to anyone I am sure that read these blogs I am becoming more ecologically aware. I feel like that is a general consensus with most well-informed individuals, nonetheless it is nice to see self-progress within this realm. I can admit that in my early 20s my tendencies were more selfish; thinking that my ecological and environmental impact was rather moot on the situation at hand. It is different now. Canada is a small slice of the world and I am thankful I live in a rather progressive and ecologically diverse country. It is within the ecological diversity that I see the imperative and crucial response we [as a civilization] must undertake to protect these grand lands. These Grand Lands; for which I have only been briefly introduced to, have shown me a direction in life.

Something that was missing from myself was a lack of directionality in which to put my efforts towards. So I had a consistent dread hanging over my head; what am I to do with my life. I have these grand lands to thank for a removal of this dread.

I do look forward, with the aid of my photography to help showcase how beautiful these lands are. How we should look to protect rather than exploit. These aren’t revolutionary concepts and movements regarding this have been growing worldwide. Minds once considered to be too corrupted by profits and unchangeable are breathing the air of change. I do believe we can all change; for those who only see it through the lens of corruption, of profit-mongering to no longer have a place within the “powerful”.

To me I do not see power akin to that as profit; rather I see it as an ability to step outside ones ego and change. Change to me is what power can and should be merited off of. One that can manifest a better, cleaner, stable life for humanity is one that is powerful. In an ecological dark-age, those are the ones that make me believe in light.

I look to explore more of these topics in future blogs, as well as continuing to share my spiritual journey through Western Canada and while visiting Shambhala.