Illustrations - A Great Journey

I have always been curious about digital media, heck, that is one of the main reasons I got into digital photography; a creative outlet in the digital age.

When I first started editing photos; that is shooting RAW and establishing an editing workflow, I was using a bootleg program obtained in a way most savvy internet folk obtain things that is out of their price range. As my economic picture stabilized I was able to get my hands on the photography standard; The Adobe Suite. Most of the other apps were out of my wheelhouse though, at the time all I wanted to do was edit photos. Soon though my curiosity began to spike and I knew that a part of me wanting to explore the concepts of digital art.

Adobe clearly has a major market share and a near monopoly on digital creative outlets so I decided to download a trial of their Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Given the nature of my everyday career/job I was able to experiment with video media as well as photographic media. To my surprise; although daunting I must admit, using these programs were enjoyable and challenging.

I would like to state that I am not at all endorsed by Adobe and I find their prices quite absurd.

Adobe After Effects is what won my heart over initially, because I make videos for a living I was able to reinvigorate the video workflow that I was trained to do. Initially using a bare-bones editing software, the videos were stale, it did what was needed, but just barely. Using Premiere Pro and After Effects I decided to take a crack at making dynamic videos with real colour correction: Like night and day between these two programs. You never realize how bad videos can look, especially when the automatic colour correction fails OR works too well. Long story short I now use these two programs in tandem to create dynamic automotive videos.

In regards to Adobe Illustrator, I have never really been technically artistically gifted, but this has been a welcome challenge. I sincerely believe in the philosophy of “keep an open elastic mind, persevere and try new thing. This will lead to becoming a rounded capable human able to learn new things at any age.” So why not try something that I am not good at. After watching what has to be 48 hours of tutorials now, I am happy to say that I have established at least a fragment of newfound creativity in my brain. That is; I am no longer afraid of drawing or designing. I have much to learn, especially from a technical aspect, but I can at least put ideas to digital paper.