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Neewer Lens Filter Kit | The View Finder

I must thank my parents first off for giving me this gift for my birthday, it was unexpected and wonderful.

My first impressions of the Neewer 58mm lens filter kit is the quality, I am pleasantly surprised to see that it is actually made out of glass and not some cheap plastic or acrylic. First though a little backstory.

A quick look in my camera bag before receiving this gift reveals that I actually don’t own many accessories or lens, this is what I usually run with;

  • 18-55mm kit lens

  • 55-300mm telephoto

  • GoBe 52mm ND Variable Filter (say what you will about variable ND filters, this one is half decent and does the job well)

  • GoBe 52mm Polarizing Filter

  • 4 Microfibre clothes (my girlfriend can attest to my habit of hording these)

  • Pack of tissues (for the nose)

  • Rain Cover for my backpack

This is my standard ‘quick city kit’, if I know I will be travelling to a destination or know I will be taking shots with a low shutter speed, I will bring my aluminum tripod with me. Although it can be a pain in the ass sometimes due to it being on the heavy side and me living in a place that reaches -40C. Metal + Cold + Hands = RIP.

The Neewer Lens Filter Kit really bolsters my 55-300mm range. Adding 2 styles of lens hoods (tulip flower) which I desperately needed, complete filter set (UV, CPL, ND), lens cover, microfiber cloth (another one) as well as macro lens filter set. Before I got this set, I always thought of the macro as a gimmick rather than functional, but to my surprise they are actually quite useful.

The ND, CPL filters are up there with the quality found on my GoBe filters but for a fraction of the price. I do notice sharper image quality when it comes to the GoBe filters, but keep in mind I am using them on different lenses, so it isn’t a flawless test. Never-the-less I am extremely happy with what the Neewer set can do, even the ability to take quality long exposures on my telephoto is worth the price of admission.

The macro set is a little tricky to get used too, since you have to physically move closer to the object in order to to bring the subject into focus. Not a worry though, offering 1x, 2x 4x and 10x macro, with a little finesse, taking extreme macro shots can be done. The 10x macro that comes in this set is perhaps a little overcooked, focusing is extremely difficult as microscopic movements cause the entire composition to focus on the opposite side of the subject. MAYBE that is fair, all I know is that after 20 minutes of trying, I ditched the 10x macro and went to the 4x macro and got a superior image. Sharpness isn’t superb, but isn’t bad, it is perfect though for the budding amateur photographer looking to aid some teaching aids to his photography collection. The largest fault regarding the Macro Set is the chromatic aberration which comes in fierce and takes away from the entire experience, but again, I view the macro extension to challenge the creative and artistic side of a photographer, rather than a replacement for a bonafide macro lens.

All in all, this Neewer Lens Filter Kit deserves 4/5 stars for quality, 4/5 stars for packaging and 5/5 value (sorry mom I do know the price of this set, great choice!). The glass could be sharper, but that is a consequence of filters anyway, no matter if you spend 10 bucks of 100 bucks. The 2 styles of lens hoods gives my 55-300mm some protection in rain/snow. The decent carrying cases and packaging aid portability, and the fact the filters are made of glass/metal leave me complimenting Neewer for not cheaping out and providing an inferior product.

I am excited on what new compositions I am able to capture now that I can take telephoto long exposures and macro styled shots.

Thank you again to my parents for this wonderful gift!