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On the evening of October 26th, Winnipeg was covered in some intense fog, as the night progressed, the fog got thicker and it was at this time I decided to wake up extra early to see if I could get some eerie fog shots, hoping that the fog would stay throughout the night and into the morning.

It was to my happiness (although I must admit a part of me wanted to stay in bed) that the fog did stay, unfortunately it thinned out quite a bit from the night prior but never-the-less I brewed some coffee and went out into the Seine River. A small slow moving river ecosystem that runs through Winnipeg and is infrequently traveled by hikers and photographers. The river is maybe a 5 minute walk from my house and in the summertime is full of burrs, poison ivy and mosquitoes, but in the fall, the river transforms into a beautiful palette of warms hues from the surrounding trees and shrubs. The change makes it much easier to hike through as you don’t have to worry about the ivy and bugs, the burrs though, the burrs stay and stick to everything they can. If you can somehow avoid this, the hike is both challenging and breathtaking.

I had 3 goals when I set out on the morning of the 27th:

  1. I wanted to take a panorama

  2. I was hoping to come away with 3 images that I could add to my portfolio

  3. I wanted to take a scenic misty photo

I can happily say I accomplished all of these goals, with varying grades. I would say that for my Panorama, I give it a C+;

It isn’t the greatest panorama in the world, but for my first one it had interest, colour, and a hidden cat. The detail I was able to capture made me happy when looking at it in post. For future panoramas I would maybe center it a bit better to capture the full curve of the river

I came away with more than 3 images for my portfolio, the only downside is that because I was in a forested area with surrounding neighbourhoods, landscapes were a no go, and the ground of the forest was shrouded in death, so I had to focus on macro which, don’t get me wrong, I love but it wasn’t something I had planned to do. My takeaway from this shows that I am now able to adapt and come away with post worthy images when something doesn’t go right. Before I would have given up, now, I can salvage and come away with gain. “Never give up” rings true time and time again.

My scenic misty photo is something I am critical of, I have two that I came away with; Hand of Mother Nature and Shrouded Hues. I really enjoy Hand of Mother Nature, the composition is everything I wanted, spooky, anthropomorphic, and interesting. The branches of the tree reaching for you as the fog obfuscates your surroundings, enveloping you in darkness and mystery.

Shrouded Hues on the other hand, I like but I do not love. It is a strong image colour wise, decently interesting as well. My eye is drawn to the yellow/green grass and the banks of the river lead my eye to the house that resides behind the dark orange shrubs and fog. All of this adds complexity to the image, it is also something that isn’t photographed in my city because it isn’t an easy area to get to. Yet, every time I look at the image there is something about it that makes me want to reshoot it. That thing is foreground interest, I really wish I added something to the foreground, but I decided to take a picture with the horizon in the middle due to the reflection. I think this was a bad call on my part.

It is safe to say that this is a learning moment, that I should have taken a second image with foreground interest, just so I would have a comparison. It is that lack of comparison that I think takes me away personally from this image. Shrouded Hues, for now, is one of those “What If” compositions, and it is in that “What If” that makes me yearn for more.